Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Classroom Ideas

It's that time again!  Stores are stocked with binders, crayons, and new backpacks.  School supply lists are the hot commodity.  And teachers are wondering... where did the summer go?!  :)  School will be starting back up in about 3 weeks which means teachers are starting up, well, now.  I would like to get into my classroom, especially since we are going to New York for the good part of next week, but technically I can't until August 1 when construction is finished.  I may get to a little bit this week while we are in doing beginning of the year testing, shhh....  :)   I finally have a room that I know is mine and it feels that way.  I've kinda felt like I didn't fully make myself at home in either of my classrooms because it was never certain a.) that I would be coming back and b.) I would be in the same classroom/grade level.  Needless to say, I am pumped I am in my own room doing all day kindergarten for hopefully a while!  That means I really get to dig in to my room and think about what I like and don't like about the set up.   For the most part, I like the organization of my big areas and furniture in the room.  I am thinking of redoing some bulletin boards, but what I really want to reorganize is my classroom library nook.  It needs some love.  I want to make it comfy and inviting for my kiddos to come in, grab a good book, and settle down to read.  Here are some ideas I am playing with.  I want to accomplish something with not too much money spent! :)

I love the idea of a reading tent, like the one in this classroom, but I want to make sure the kiddos can be seen easily by me so I can monitor their library procedures.

The jungle theme is cute in this classroom but it doesn't quite match my theme and I'm working with less space under a loft.

This reading corner might be a bit busy, but I like the tree idea.  I was thinking about a reading tree at first so I may go back to that...

I like the little chairs in the this area, and the ocean theme is cute too.

I have old pillows in the corner right now, but I think I am going to buy kids chairs/ bean bag chairs to replace them.  (I think I saw Aldis had some bean bag chairs on sale!)  I also want to incorporate some kind of item that changes with the seasons and I already have a new tub organizing system so I can get books rotated in and out easier.  I will post pictures when I decide and get it ready to go! :)
Here's to all those teachers out there getting ready for another year!

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