Saturday, July 23, 2011

Extreme Couch Makeover

It's been a superb day... date day with Colby, nothing better!  We enjoyed some Starbucks, shopping, and then happened to go see Harry Potter again, which I'm always up for! :)  Now we're relaxing at home for a few and what better time than to blog?!

When we got our house, the people we bought it from were awesome and they left a lot of items here for us, which was wonderful because going from a one bedroom apartment to a four bedroom house was kind of a shock.  So much space and we had about enough furniture to fill maybe 3 rooms.  So it was a lot of craigslist-ing, garage sailing, and hand-me-downing.  (Yes, all of those are words I just created!)   They left a couch in the living room, a.k.a my reading room, but we realized as we started pulling in some other pieces we have bought and putting in my mamaw's piano, the couch's cover and pillows didn't quite match our decor.  So it was time for a makeover...  (and it couldn't be very expensive!)

Here's the before picture:

Buying a new couch was out of the question and why would we want to when we had a perfectly good couch already here?  I just needed to find the right look for us.
So I happened to be in Big Lots one day searching for school supplies when I thought, hey, maybe there might be a inexpensive slipcover here.  Sure enough, I found one that I thought might work.  I also found some SUPER cute pillows that I thought would match perfectly (and only $9 a piece!).  I got it home and realized it was a VERY tight fit, and after searching through 3 different stores, I found the pins that would help keep the cover secure around the base pillows.  Corkscrew pins are awesome for this, by the way!

So, about 30 minutes later and 8 corkscrew pins around the edges, this was our finished product!

  I was pretty pleased with it!!  The lamp we got for free and I had spray painted it a few months ago and added a new lamp shade. I traded out the plant for some pillars (still missing candles- oops!) that I got on clearance at Hobby Lobby and added decor to the shelf above the table.  Apparently my reading room has also become the tree themed room, haha :)  What can I say, it's peaceful!

Pillows- $9
Slipcover - $40
Total price - $58  - Yay!!

Not too bad to add a whole new look for our room.  I love finding deals! :)
Have a wonderful Saturday and stay cool in this heat!

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