Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Organization, Organization, Organi-what?

I am very thankful because I have been able to get into my room the past two days, which is a lot more than a lot of people I work with.  I hate that they are delayed because I can't imagine how stressful that must feel.  I wish I could speed up the construction process for them.  :(

I've basically just made piles in my room.  One pile will eventually go in the storage room that isn't completed yet.  One pile is stuff I think I no longer want but cannot commit to getting rid of it JUST yet.  And one pile is books.  Books upon books upon books.  Tomorrow I plan to tackle the books pile and re-sort them into new tubs for my classroom library (PS-which is coming along! I should post pictures maybe next week- woo!)

After the craziness that was last year and the splitting classes and such I decided I want to be sooooo much more organized this year.  Granted, I know it won't stay this way, but I love starting out the year with a fresh, well-organized plan.  And here is my recent creation: My All-In-One-All-Purpose-Planner.  (No I don't really call it that ;)  )  I found this great website with some ahhhhmazing daily pages you can use to plan your day. I printed off a bunch, bought a calendar, inserted a few tabs and notebook, and already I'm feeling much better.  Take that stress that's been keeping me up at night!! :)

Here's a picture of the outside (of course I had to get a little creative with it!)  
Sorry for the blurry picture. The camera was not cooperating.

Here are the daily pages- wonderful!  This may not be your cup of tea, but this is an amazing tool for me.  I love to-do lists and areas to record notes and appointments.  And the fact that it reminds me how much water I should be drinking and has a fitness goal for each day is icing on the cake! I just love it!

Here's the meal planning/grocery list, which keeps my meal planning simple and quick.

And of course the calendar to keep all things school, all things life, and all things me straight. :)

I also have a 3 ring notebook at the end in which I keep school ideas and/or can take notes easily.

Here's my planner total cost:
1 inch binder: $3.00  (could have gone for cheaper but I had to have the clear outer layer to make it cute!)
Daily pages/meal planner pages: Free!
Tabs: Free (they were a teacher gift)
Calendar: 6.00 (again, could have gone cheaper but I wanted cute one!)
Notebook: .10  (gotta love back to school time!)
Pictures for the front:  .60 at Walgreens
Total cost:  $9.70   (Woo hoo!!!)

I hope this inspires you to check out that website and make life a little easier (grocery shopping anyone?!) with some quick and easy lists.

Maybe I can stay this organized all year!  Here's hoping! :)

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