Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Next Project

It's fall break... woooo!! :)  I am so ready for a couple days off!  I have been on pinterest (no surprise there) and I've gotten some inspiration for my next project.  I want to make a wall collage but I'm pausing on two choices: a.) where to put it that it will spruce up my wall but not take up too much space and b.) what exactly do I want to use... just frames? maybe a hanging lantern? a letter c?  I don't want to make it expensive and use things I already have and/or make some of the things on my own.  I'm still deciding but I am finding a lot of ideas.  Here are some I am contemplating.  They are nice eye candy :)

I like the lights above this one.  I'm thinking a mix of art and photos would be great.  I also like the bench/table below.  I'm still mad at myself for passing up on a great table at goodwill that would have been perfect for this.

You can find this here.

I love how this collage goes up the staircase.  Our staircase cannot accommodate this but I like the mix of a lamp, letter, photos, and quotes.
Check this out here.

This one is a little too solely black and white for me but I like the use of square, rectangle, and circle frames.  I like the letters and having things hanging, like the shoes.  Granted, I won't hang shoes, but I want to hang a lantern if possible.
Found it here.

I like this arrangement too.   Again, has a letter, quote, and a lot of pictures.
Find it here.

Love, love love this one...  It's my favorite.  The tables, the candles, the letter, the photos.  Just lovely.
You can find it here.

And for the mechanics of putting the photos/art/frames up without making a mess, I found a great tutorial here.  I'm hoping I can get a jump start on this while we are on break, but relaxing the next few days is my main focus. :)  

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