Friday, October 7, 2011

Date Night!

Ok, I realize my blog is mainly about projects, ideas, inspiration, etc.  But tonight, I'd dedicating a post to mine and Colby's date night.  It's creative, so I think it fits. :)  We usually do something each Friday night, if we can.  It gives us something to look forward to in the week and most importantly, we take time to enjoy each other.  We take turns planning dates and trying to come up with new and unique ideas.  About a month ago, Colby surprised me with a walk around the IMA gardens, dinner at Yats, and a "drive-in" movie.  He's a keeper. :)  

Our schedules have been so hectic and the weather has not been very cooperative, so tonight was the first night we got to do at least part of my original date I had planned a couple of weeks ago.  I cannot take credit for this date idea.  I found it on this awesome blog, Love Actually.  It has a ton of date night ideas.  I modified the rounds a little bit so I've posted the document I adjusted and printed out: Bookstore Date.  (*I do not own the clipart or the font.) 
First, we started off dinner with some of our favorite friends, Jason and Lisa, and then headed on to Barnes and Noble to go on our book hunt.

Here are some of my favorite pictures of the night.

Round One: Find a future date night idea.  
Colby- "off the beaten path places in Indiana"  
Me- a cooking class of some kind!

Round Two: Find a picture of a place you'd like to visit.  
Colby- Scotland  
Me- The Best of Europe.   This did not surprise Colby. :)

Round Two: Find a book you liked as a child.
Colby- The Poky Little Puppy
Me - There's Monster At The End of The Book!

After Round Three (find a puzzle book to do together), we grabbed some Starbucks, put on some jazz music, curled up on the couch, and solved some puzzles together.

It was a great night and looking forward to tomorrow.  A Saturday to sleep in, visiting Riley Days with Mom and Dad, and catching up on some school stuff.  Loving the weather and hope you are too!

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