Thursday, June 21, 2012

Nursery Ideas!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am so excited to begin repainting/decorating/crafting for our baby boy's nursery!  I have a lot of ideas, and I am trying to make them all come together to form a cohesive, sweet room for our little one.  The first decision I wanted to make was the colors.  I wanted to tie in a little blue, but I really love the brown, tan, green, blue combinations, so that's where I began.  Our nursery has a chair rail, which I love, so my thought is we are going to paint the bottom half a green (not too dark, but definitely not too light either) and the top half cream.  Here are some of my inspirations...

The green is a little to light for me but it incorporates the green and cream. 

Granted this is for a little girl, but I like the darker shade of green.  Find it here.

This has the two tones, but I was thinking more of the darker green on the bottom and cream on the top.  Find it here.

And I think this one ended up being my favorite.  We aren't doing stripes on the bottom, but it's the closest to what I am looking for!  Find it here.

I went to Home Depot and picked up at least 20 different paint cards.  No I am not joking.  But I think we have it narrowed down and are ready to paint when we actually have a free weekend! (Come on mid July!)  This momma is nesting!

While my mom and I were at Target one day, I found an adorable blanket/bedding set that I completely loved, tied in with my colors, and was a perfect fit for me!  It's going to be the kind of "theme" for our nursery.  (I'm hesitant to say theme because I want to find a lot of unique pieces that mesh, not everything the same, so I'll tread lightly when I say "theme" :) haha)  Here it is...

Too sweet. :)  You can see it here at Target.  Mom and I are going to grab it soon, just in case we can't find it later.  I would be bummed!

At this point, especially if you follow me on pinterest or have been in our living room at our house, you know I love trees.  Therefore, when I started finding wall decals of trees in nurseries, I knew I had to have one!  And it would match my colors perfectly.   Here are some of my inspirations...

Love putting shelves up on the branches idea...  Find this here.

Again, love the shelves and like the simple design with the birds.  Find this here on etsy.

I like that the leaves are different colors on this tree and it has a more whimsical feel.  (I tried to find the original link but it's no longer on etsy.)

The only part I dislike about these decals is the price.  The cheapest one I've found is $82.00, and that just seems a bit pricey to me, especially when we have a lot more important baby things to be thinking about!  Colby has suggested that I paint one.  I, however, am not so sure about that idea!  We'll see what this bargain shopper can come up with!

The awesome thing is we already have a great start on furniture for our nursery.  We have the crib picked out, not bought yet, but at least chosen.  I found a great changing table at a garage sale for $25!  All it needed was a good scrub and a little touch up paint.  Here it is looking pretty...

I had already taken a dresser from Mom and Dad when we first moved into this house for the spare bedroom.  I repainted it and fixed it up a bit.  I knew one day I'd want to use it for a nursery.  I went to Hobby Lobby and purchased new drawer pulls to match the room for the top four drawers and voila!  New dresser!
(PS- that awesome tree picture is taken by my uncle Tim... Can't wait to frame it!)

And last but not least, I had been looking on craigslist, kinda just keeping my eye out for some deals on things we could possibly use.  My rule for craigslist is a.) I never go alone to look at something/pick it up and  b.) I only buy things that can be washed thoroughly by Colby and I.  Case in point- our bistro set of glass table and chairs, our patio chair and table set, and now my newest craigslist purchase... a rocker!

I had been looking and found an ad for a very nice looking rocker.  I didn't really pay attention to the brand name or anything.  I saw it was in a nearby city and it looked nice.  The family had said they outgrew it after moving.  Colby and I went to check it out.  First of all, um wow! is all I can say when we pulled up to the house.  It was huge and beautiful.  The family was very nice and showed us the rocker.  It was in AHmazing condition and was the perfect color to match the nursery.  Better yet, it's brand was Dutailier (which I had never heard of) but after researching, they retail around $400.  And we bought our gently used one for $125!  Wooooo! Happy day!  We got it home, cleaned the wood frame, washed the cushions, and now it's a perfect fit in our nursery!  
(The monkey is from one of my kiddos at the end of the year :) too cute!)

In my next post, I am going to compile a list of little projects I'd like to complete before baby boy gets here to add to the nursery.  For now, I have a rather large to-do list screaming my name before we leave for an 8 hour drive tomorrow- yikes!  Hope you are having a wonderful day!

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